Alghero Expert

Solve enigmas, rebuses and riddles to become a true expert in the archaeology and history of Alghero!

Explore the city museums and play with Costanza the mouse and Miquel the archaeomole, the little guides of MACOR Coral Museum and MŪSA Archaeological Museum of Alghero. You will have to solve puzzles and riddles that are a bit peculiar, but if you want a little help, Costanza and Miquel are ready to give you a paw... oops, sorry, a hand!

Game design and development

Project coordination: Maria Giovanna Fara Game design: Fabio Viola Storyline and contents: Eleonora Cattogno



Game kit and requirements

2 board books and playful paths from MACOR Coral Museum and MŪSA Archaeological Museum

Where to play

MACOR Coral Museum, MŪSA Archaeological Museum of Alghero


Families, children aged 5 to 10 yo

Recommended age (PEGI levels)


Difficulty level


Approx. 1 hour

en_GBEnglish (UK)