Discover the beauty of Alghero through our games scattered around the city

A variety of physical and digital games distributed throughout the city

Play Alghero is the brand that identifies the system of games created within the framework of the European project MED GAIMS GAmifIcation for Memorable tourist experienceS, supported by the European Union within the ENI CBC Mediterranean Sea Basin Programme with a contribution of 2.1 million euros.

Fondazione Alghero is one of the partners in the project, which involves six other organisations in Lebanon, Spain and Jordan.

Their common purpose: to revolutionise the traditional visit to cultural sites by using gamification techniques and technologies, both analogue and digital, to innovate and make unique the experience of those visiting the territories involved in the project.

Thanks to MED GAIMS, 10 games have been realised in Alghero, 5 physical and 5 digital, with the participation of active citizens, cultural associations, young gaming enthusiasts and professionals.

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Playful itinerary

A playful itinerary of urban installations through which discover the main cultural sites of Alghero and its territory, a hub of fun and entertainment for citizens and tourists alike.

Alghero quest box

A physical game of storytelling and urban exploration based on the journey of two mysterious characters. Who are they? What did they discover during their stay in Alghero?  

The Adventures of Angelica Sauri 

Video game based on a point and click graphic adventure with fantasy overtones and an augmented reality scavenger hunt around the character of young Angelica.

Digital canvas

An immersive and interactive digital environment within the San Giovanni Tower, which evolves and changes according to the images created by the players.

Alghero Expert

Two board books and playful itineraries of the Coral Museum and the Archaeological Museum: between puzzles and riddles, become an expert in archaeology and the history of the city.

S.Myth-The missing Sketchbook

An ancient travelogue. Enigmas, coded messages, unknown symbols. Will you be the one to discover what they conceal?


A special physical and digital sticker album to be completed by visiting Alghero's main cultural sites.

CollezionAlghero Digital Album

Digital game combined with the CollezionAlghero sticker album. Through augmented reality, the stickers come alive and allow the player to discover stories, anecdotes and curiosities about the city. 


Murder in alguer

What happened to Sophia? An augmented reality digital game in which users will play the role of a detective and have to retrace the places she has been to discover what happened behind her mysterious disappearance.

alghero urban game

An urban game that involves the cultural sites of Alghero old town and stimulates interaction between citizens, visitors and local businesses, gathered together to play out a specific plot. 

  • December 1st 2022: a day of gamification, tourism and culture!

    Continuano ad Alghero gli eventi dedicati alla gamification applicata al turismo e alla cultura! Il prossimo appuntamento è il primo dicembre dalle 10:00 negli spazi de Lo Quarter con “Gamification, turismo e patrimonio culturale: nuove strategie per la valorizzazione dei territori”, un momento di incontro e condivisione per esplorare il tema della gamification come strumento per …

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