The Adventures of Angelica Sauri

Help Angelica on her magical journey in Alghero

Angelica is a young naturalist photographer, passionate explorer and lover of animals and plants. A mysterious letter calls her to adventure: her aunt Mariella, an expert researcher on reptiles and amphibians, has suddenly had to leave for South America and asks her to come to Alghero to take care of her small domestic lizard Baba. Arriving in town, Angelica will discover a world inhabited by small magical creatures who will ask for her help to overcome a serious danger. A point-and-click graphic adventure with fantasy overtones and an augmented reality scavenger hunt around Alghero old town begins.

Privacy Policy Angelica and the King of the Algiroids

Game design and development

Storyline and content: Elisa Meloni Design: Elisa Meloni, Alexandro S. Meloni
Development and programming: Alexandro S. Meloni



Game kit and requirements

You can download Angelica and the King of the Algiroids on the Playstore and soon on the App Store on mobile phones supporting the ArCore system (Android) and Arkit (iOS - from IPhone X upwards). Click here to download the game

Where to play

Alghero old town


6 yo and up. The challenge level of the optional content makes the game suitable for older children as well

Recommended age (PEGI levels)


Difficulty level


Approx. 3 hours

Purchase the game

The advetures of Angelica Sauri App – Free

Booklet combined with the Digital Game - 5,00


Atelier#3 | Alghero Turismo Bookshop | Via Carlo Alberto 84

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