Murder in Alguer

What happened to Sophia? Retrace her whereabouts and reconstruct the story behind her mysterious disappearance

Sophia, a young university student born in Barcelona, has an intense bond with Alghero, its language and culture. As well as having spent very happy holidays in the city with her family, her affection for the Sardinian town is also due to an old story told by her grandmother, who stimulated her granddaughter's imagination by telling her the legend of the Sleeping Giant of Capo Caccia. Sophia returns to Alghero to finish her studies, but soon finds herself in grave danger because of the mysterious story she loved to be told by her grandmother...

Solve the mystery surrounding her disappearance by dressing as a detective with the gift of psychometry, thanks to which you can see past events by extracting memories from inanimate objects. Use your mobile phone and explore Alghero by interacting with places and objects through Mixed Reality technology

Murder in Alguer can be played on site or from home by downloading Sophia's sketchbook

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Game design and development

Net Press by Valeria Galletta with the collaboration of Game Maker Academy students



Game kit and requirements

The game exploits Extended Reality (XR), using ARCore (Android) and ARKit to place 3D objects in the real world. The memories consist of recorded performances of actors using motion capture devices.
Murder in Alguer is available from PlayStore and AppleStore on mobile phones supporting the ArCore system (Android) and Arkit (iOS - from IPhone X onwards). Click here to download the game

Where to play

Nuraghe Palmavera, Urban Fortifications, Civic Theatre, Alghero old town, Porto Conte Natural Park, MASE - Antoine De Saint-Exupéry Museum, Capo Caccia


Dedicated to thriller and fantasy stories lovers

Recommended age (PEGI levels)


Difficulty level


approx. 2 hours

Purchase the game

Murder in Alguer App - Free

Booklet combined with the Digital Game - 5,00


Atelier#3 | Alghero Turismo Bookshop | Via Carlo Alberto 84

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