Playful itinerary

A playful itinerary of interactive urban installations inspired by games of the past

Learn about the history of Alghero and discover anecdotes and curiosities about the city's culture by interacting with urban spaces and training your touch and mind to discover different textures, materials and unusual shapes, developed through the research on identity image and realised through casts of surfaces taken from the territory (cobblestones, historical walls, palm leaves, etc.), to evoke and stimulate playful interaction of a tactile nature. The games incorporate some playful gimmicks such as the optical game of ombrocinema and the tactile-interactive game of memory.

Game design and development

Project coordination: Nicolò Ceccarelli Department of Architecture, Design and Urbanism - AnimazioneDesign laboratory with the collaboration of and the participation of the Cittadinanza Attiva project of the Municipality of Alghero



Where to play

At the airport, on buses, in the old town squares… find out about the games all around town!


0-99 yo

Recommended age (PEGI levels)


Difficulty level


1 minute / 1 hour

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