Smyth. The missing Sketchbook

A playable tourist guide to the city of Alghero based on the mysterious notes left by Commander Smyth

Smyth is a Royal Navy cartographer who arrives in Sardinia in 1823 with the aim of making accurate nautical charts. A passionate naturalist, cartographer and antiquities scholar, in Alghero Smyth is intrigued and fascinated by coral: he studies its structure, habitat and above all its origin, both natural and mythological. During his stay in the city, however, a series of mysterious events occur. Thanks to the cartographer's notes and letters addressed to his wife, you too will learn what Smyth discovers during his journey. His investigations lead him to the most remote caverns of Neptune's Cave and unveil the secrets of the place and the history that links precious red gold of Alghero to the ancient myth of Medusa.

Game developer

Storyline and content: Adele Giacoia Illustrations and graphic design: Sergio Vernagallo



Game kit and requirements

An illustrated guide with puzzles to solve. A kit consisting of Captain Smyth's sketchbook, maps, puzzles and investigation tools

Where to play

Alghero old town


Travellers and enigma solver enthusiast

Recommended age (PEGI levels)


Difficulty level


1 to 3 hours

en_GBEnglish (UK)