Smyth. The missing Sketchbook

A game-book to explore the city and beyond...

In 1823, a captain of the Royal Navy, William Henry Smyth, landed in Alghero. He is one of the most experienced cartographers of the time and a passionate scholar. His aim is to produce nautical charts. The random discovery of an ancient tablet engraved with obscure characters will change his life. You will be the one to decide how, but first you must decipher his sketchbook...

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Game developer

Storyline and content: Adele Giacoia Illustrations and graphic design: Sergio Vernagallo



Game kit and requirements

An illustrated guide with puzzles to solve. A kit consisting of Captain Smyth's sketchbook, maps, puzzles and investigation tools

Where to play

Alghero old town


Travellers and enigma solver enthusiast

Recommended age (PEGI levels)


Difficulty level


1 to 3 hours

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Atelier#3 | Alghero Turismo Bookshop | Via Carlo Alberto 84
MŪSA | Archaeological Museum | Via Carlo Alberto 72
MACOR | Coral Museum | Via XX Settembre 8

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