The two-day event dedicated to the theme of gamification and the role it can 'play' in the development of innovative tourism experiences closed with great success. A whole new and innovative way of experiencing tourism through the games created, which in fact make up the first Italian gaming infrastructure of this kind.

Ten physical games, installations and interactive digital experiences under the Play Alghero brand accompany residents and tourists in the discovery of the urban cultural heritage, in the processes of audience development and engagement, and in the relationships between citizens and visitors.

Nella San Giovanni Tower, in Largo San Francesco (apertura dalle ore 18 alle 21 da martedì alla domenica, il sabato anche dalle 10 alle 13) sarà possibile giocare con Digital Canvas e immergersi nelle immagini interattive realizzate dai giocatori.

In the city museums and the archaeological area of Palmavera, at the Torre di Porta Terra and at the Atelier#3 in Via Carlo Alberto, it will be possible to receive information and details on all the games, buy a copy of the game books and download digital games from the Play Store and App Store.

Some of the games are also combined with the single integrated Alghero Ticket.

It is an ecosystem of games developed with the participation of the Department of Architecture, Design and Urbanism of the University of Sassari - AnimationDesign Laboratory, active citizens, cultural associations, young gaming enthusiasts, professionals with the general coordination of Fabio Viola, one of the leading experts in the field, made possible thanks to the European project MED GAIMS, GAmifIcation for Memorable tourist experienceS, funded by the European Union within the ENI CBC Mediterranean Sea Basin Programme.

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